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GST Consulting Services

5 Critical areas of your Business will be impacted by GST!


Working capital


Pricing of your product or services


Current Tax exemptions or benefits


Supply Chain decisions


Vendor selection process


Have you started the Impact Assessment of these critical areas?
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What makes the best choice in GST Implementation?


Strong team of 100+ professionals

Our team of GST consists of experts having extensive experience in the field of Indirect Taxation and they have worked across all ERP platforms i.e. SAP, Oracle, Navision, PeopleSoft, Baan.


All India coverage

Serving clients in Indirect Tax area at pan India level i.e. 29 States and 7 Union Territories. Annual turnover of our client ranges from INR 50cr to INR 1,500 cr. Our team is handling Indirect Tax payment of more than INR 200 crore per month.


Widest industry coverage

Manufacturing, IT, ITES, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, E-Commerce, Start Ups, Trading, FMCG, Foods & Beverages, Hotels, Real Estate, Agriculture, Retail, Furniture, Medical Equipment, Leasing, Oracle, Navision, PeopleSoft, Baan.

4 Solid Reasons to act on GST implementation, NOW!


GST Council has finalized the GST Rates


GSTN has started migrating existing Taxpayer’s data


Model GST Law and major Draft Rules are out


GST Bill is likely to be passed in this Winter Session

How We can Help You?

We can help you in GST Implementation process with following value added services:

  1. Impact analysis study
    1. Reduction or increase in working capital requirement on account of Input Credit and Output tax which will depend on nature of industry (Manufacturing, Trading or Service) and the business model (Business to Business or Business to Consumer).
    2. Review the terms and conditions of existing agreements, which will remain effective on the transition date and suggest the required changes to avail the full benefit under GST Law.
    3. Review the requirement of changes in the IT system with the introduction of GST.
    4. Review of complete Supply Chain operations for supply of Goods and Services from the perspective of GST and advise necessary changes. It many even involve shifting or removing warehouses in certain cases.
    5. Review the impact of GST on the pricing of goods and services through the simulation model with couple of scenarios.
    6. Advise on the Tax Planning scenarios under GST regime.
  2. Transition support
    1. Review of input credit services and capital goods, which is eligible to be carried forward in the GST regime.
    2. Review of information/documents being filed with GST authorities regarding registration application, credit transition document etc.
    3. Advising on the valuation of services as per the GST provisions for payment of GST.
    4. Review of the reports being generated from the various sources whether the same are in compliance with GST requirement.
    5. Review of Invoice Format under GST and other related documents.
    6. Advising on Input Service Distributor registration to avail maximum allowable credit of GST on input services.
  3. Handholding & training
  4. Provide training to tax team to handle the GST compliances related to payment of GST and filing of GST return.
  5. Review of tax returns being filed with each State for the initial 3 months post GST implementation date.
  6. E-mail support on queries being raised on regular GST compliances for initial 3 months.
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