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Employee reimbursement

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Employee reimbursement system

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5 Problems faced by companies in it’s process of Employee Reimbursement:

  1. Dissatisfaction among employees due to delay in payment
  2. Subjectivity while processing the reimbursement claims of certain employees
  3. Frustration because of no information about deduction made
  4. No real time tracking of reimbursement claims which are yet to be posted in Accounting Software
  5. Payment to employees beyond the imprest limit


Benefits experienced by our clients

  • Complete objectivity while processing of claims as per agreed SLA (service level agreement) or TAT (turn around time)
  • Real time tracking of pending claims which leads faster communication to employee’s queries
  • Substantial increase in employee’s satisfaction and productivity due to timely payment and proactive information about any deduction being made


Scope of our services

  • Checking of employee’s claims as per the existing policy and DOA (delegation of authority) through a checklist
  • Claim wise recording in the accounting software along with detailed narration.
  • Profit/Cost center wise recording of expenses incurred by the employees
  • Processing of claims as per agreed SLA based on complete documentation
  • Generation of various reports i.e. Aging Schedule, Claim wise outstanding report
  • Tight control on outstanding debit balances exceeding the threshold limits
  • Timely reply to employee’s queries related to claim payments
  • Creating monthly provision of expenses against the imprest/advance given to employees
  • Preparation of audit schedules and other desired details


Reports related to employee reimbursement

  • Ageing schedule
  • Real-time access to pending claims along with reasons
  • Claim wise outstanding report of employees
  • Report about employees whose debit balance has exceeded the threshold limit
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