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Team member’s feedback

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“It is a great pleasure and experience for me to take working opportunity with BC.
As an Executive Assistant (EA) from two and half year experience at BC I have learnt lots of new things and work areas.
I would like to continue to work with BC for few good aspects:
– Friendly environment
– A very good and system driven disciplined working environment to achieve deadlines
– Motivation and encouragement from Superiors
– Professional growth”

Pushpa Bhandari

“It is great experience to work with BC as Senior Hr Associate. People at managerial level are very cordial and take good care of their team mates. BC is growing exponentially which is great and they are promoting people internally. So I think the energy of the environment drove everyone to do their best, at least for me it did. I learned how to work and prioritize multiple tasks at a time. I am also able to improve my recruitment skills.”

Meenakshi Malhotra

“To start with, thanks for giving this opportunity as this itself makes a difference. Some key points about working at BC:

• Transparency between the management & associates
• Professionalism at work, no matter how big or small the work is
• Believing in long term relationships
• Balanced growth
• Moving ahead to achieve long term goals in a phased manner”

Jalaj Nandwani

“I have gone through with three different stages at Blue Consulting during the period of 4 years e.g. as a trainee and associate before completing CA and as a team leader after completing CA qualification and it still continues. As the company deals with diversified areas of operation which majorly include Finance and Accounts, Internal Auditing, Taxation, Payroll, Consultancy Services as well as Accounts and Finance Management Services, I gained a lot of knowledge by working in different areas directly with the management of company during my training period not only which related to my professional life but also those which helped me a lot in my personal life as well, such as time management, personal fund managements and how to balance the personal life along with professional life through different sessions directly taken by the Management (CA Chandan Goyal and CA Gaurav Mehrotra) or by arranging sessions with outside trainers. Being a Team Leader of a team of 8 people currently, and getting the Audit done by “Big 4″ of the client I am handling, I proudly say that BC has tremendous opportunities for the growth of employees for those who are eager to learn.”

Surendra Kumar

“1) In Blue Consulting , we have a great work environment, even when the work itself has stress, the management supports is excellent, that is the most important thing I like in BC.
2) If I talk about the working culture, I have never experienced like it before because here the relationship between associates and manager/director is very positive, both moving ahead to achieve long term goals.
3) Working life balance is good, because being a part of this organisation it becomes a good experience, that definitely will be helpful in future.
4) Supervision quality is good, they give a good supervision, where the quantity of work is important, where the quality of work is Important and where the satisfaction of work is important.”

Sunil Gupta

“All the members of this organization are too good. Working here provides me a huge experience that will be beneficial for me in future. I haven’t had a chance before to work with such a hard working staff. The culture of this organization is very different from other organization. We have a good chance to improve our personality in this organization. This organization taught me that time is precious and we must respect the time and, In other words, every task must be completed on time. I learned in this organization that what we say is what we do”

Sagar Bhardwaj

“Ours is an organization with highly aligned people practices where we always strive to create an environment that we are proud to work in. We are inspired and motivated to provide our best and create fulfilling futures for ourselves and for our clients. Collectively, we practice work towards delivering on our targeted organizational goals. Doing our best makes our jobs as professionals not only easier but more fun and more meaningful”

Umesh Kumar

What I like most at BC is the attitude of working to achieve deadlines by everybody, i.e. directors as well as associates & the second important thing is that there is a very good balance between personal and professional relationships”


In this present era of complicated finance & accounting, I feel pleased to work in an environment in which we can deliver to the satisfaction of clients. I appreciate being a part of such a growing organization

Pankaj Jain