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Pre-ERP Implementation Audit

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Pre-ERP Implementation Audit

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This is a specialized audit which is beneficial for the companies which are going for ERP implementation in the next 6-12 months period.


It offers following benefits:

  • Mapping of internal systems and processes on a swim lane Flow Chart
  • Highlighting of apparent loose ends in the control environment which can be fixed immediately with right configuration in ERP
  • Buy-in from team members for ERP implementation which usually becomes a hindrance if not done sincerely
  • Getting clarity whether company would require external resource during ERP implementation or it can be managed through internal resources
  • Provide leverage while negotiating the fee with ERP implementation partner if ground level homework is done
  • Formally define the expectations from ERP implementation
  • Helps in simplifying the existing processes which leads to saving in fee as implementation time comes down significantly


Our expertise

  • We are a system driven company since day one and understand the power of well defined processes
  • Have huge working experience across all kind of ERP’s i.e. SAP, Oracle, Navision, BAAN, JDEdwards
  • Our expertise in IFC (Internal Financial Control) compliance makes us an obvious choice for Pre-ERP implementation audit which involves mapping of process using the Risk and Control approach
  • Have relevant experience of other side of the table as well i.e. representing our clients when ERP implementation takes place.
To see how Blue Consulting can add value through Pre-ERP Implementation Audit, get in touch with us at or call us at 0120-4113075 or Click here.