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India Entry Service


5 super important things to be considered while entering in India

  1. Choose the right city which may be culturally similar to your country. India is a diverse country and each major city has it’s own different culture
  2. Understand the all forms of legal entity for market entry in India which is likely to have a long term impact
  3. Factor in little longer turnaround time taken while taking initial approvals or registrations
  4. Do a thorough reference check of your consultant from their existing clients
  5. Seek full clarity about transfer pricing regulations


Scope of service

  • Market research

We’ll help you in carrying out the market research for your product or services to understand the potential of your target market. Our vast working experience encompasses almost all type of industries in service, trading and manufacturing sector. The market research will be carried out as per your specific requirement.

  • Advise on right type of legal entity

This is the most critical point to be considered while entering in India. Type of legal entity should be in alignment with your short term and long term plans. Various types of legal entity options includes Liaison office, Branch Office, Project Office, Joint venture, Special Purpose Vehicle, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company etc.

  • Incorporation of legal entity

Once the decision is made about the right type of legal entity, our team of experts will initiate the incorporation process. In India, the documentation requirement during incorporation time is usually quite huge and we’ll help you to sail through this stage with ease and peace of mind.

  • Hiring of initial team

We’ll help you in hiring your seed team in India by engaging right kind of consultants having the domain expertise of your industry. This is one of the most important point for any company entering in India which decides it’s future success to a larger extent.

  • Accounting and compliance support

This is one of our major forte. Once legal entity is incorporated and initial team is hired, the accounting and compliance requirement sets in. Our team will take care of routine accounting and compliance requirement as per Indian regulations applicable on the type of legal entity and it’s  nature of business.


Why we are your best advisor?

  1. Extensive experience about economy and taxation system in India
  2. Strong team of 100+ energetic and young professionals
  3. Preferred choice for taxation and accounting work of many Fortune 500 companies operating in India
To see how Blue Consulting can help you in India Entry strategy, get in touch with us at or call us at 0120-4113075 or Click here.